IG is a marketing (info logistics) and distribution (products logistics) company. We tailor our company’s strategy to faithfully communicate products’ superiority to end-users, and maximize products’ throughput.
— Michael C (IG Founder)




Innova Global Inc (IG) markets and distributes innovative and advanced consumer products in our licensed sales territories. With our distribution networks and established sales channels in Japan for a decade, we can effectively get your idea into the local and global market place. Our product distribution experience and local market expertise can transform a great idea into reality, to bring products from ideas to the shelves at the right place and time. It is our nature to be innovative and creative, because it is woven into the fabric of our company's culture.  Our mission is simple, we are aspired to provide great marketing and distribution solutions to companies who want to succeed in the Asian market. We want to give the best service only available through Innova Global Inc. 



Our company raised in the middle of the second renaissance in the consumer mobile smartphone market. The explosive growth in mobile phone sector brought us into distribution for mobile related consumer products since 2006 in Japan. During our growth, we collaborated with a number overseas brands and successfully introduced them into the Asian market. As the world is an arm's length away from being totally connected, being online all the time, we look into the future as a single connected society and we positioned IG at the forth front of another technological NOVA happening right now.



Our professional consultation services:

  • Brand Marketing Consultation
  • Media Marketing
  • Product Distribution
  • Product Logistics
  • Package Design and Production
  • In-House Web Design
  • Product Localization and Language Translation
  • App Translation



Innova Global Inc. offers more than 7000 retailer outlet locations and traditional and web media coverage throughout Japan.  We also affiliated with key distribution partners with coverage throughout China and Korea.