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RIVA's Properitary Trillium ® Surround for enhanced audio-visual experience

Turbo X delivers best-in-class audio by combining our proprietary ADX Trillium technology for truly immersive sound, Trillium Surround for an enhanced movie & gaming experience, and TURBO mode to boost music up to 100 dB.



The RIVA Ground Control app gives you the freedom to remotely control your Turbo X directly from your phone or tablet. Free download available for iOS and Android™ at the App Store or Google Play™.



TURBO mode to boost music up to 100 dB



travel bag is made of a durable nylon exterior and soft velvet lined interior with a layer of protective padding to keep your Turbo X safe.


riva turbo x


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  • Speakers:Three ADX 60 mm full range proprietary drivers
  • Four ADX custom dual piston bass radiators
  • Amplifier Power:45 Watts RMS
  • Remote Control App:Yes, RIVA Ground Control for iOS and Android™
  • Dimensions:230mm (9.1 in) L X 89mm
  • (3.5 in) W X 105mm (4.1 in) H
  • Weight:3.5 lbs (1.6 kg)
  • Speakerphone:Microphone with Noise & Echo Canceling Technology
  • Bluetooth Range:33 FT
  • Audio Codecs Supported:SBC, AAC, aptX™
  • Surround Sound:ADX Trillium™
  • Proximity Sensing:Yes
  • Battery Playing Time:26+ Hours at 75 dB (Playing time varies with listening levels.)
  • JAN(WH):RTX01-WH/4562355300229
  • JAN(BK) :RTX01-BK /4562355300212


Tech Reviewer, Theo Nicolakis did a comprehensive review of the RIVA S on PCWorld. Theo highly recommends it and says "The RIVA S is a spectacular Bluetooth speaker boasting a number of features you won’t find in the competition” - rated the speaker 4 1/2 out of 5! 


  • The RIVA S is a spectacular Bluetooth speaker boasting a number of features you won’t find in the competition.
  • The Riva S won’t take the place of your most treasured critical-listening gear, but it is a music-lover's portable dream come true. It’s small, lightweight, feature-rich, and it sounds oh so right. Highly recommended.
  • The Riva S delivered excellent horizontal off-axis response in both single-speaker and TrueWireless modes, among the best I’ve heard from any wireless speaker. There was amazing consistency.
  • I found the Riva S to be a feature-rich speaker that could be used in many situations where other Bluetooth speakers would be out of their element.
  • Unlike many Bluetooth speakers, which compress a music source’s dynamic range, the Riva doesn’t.
  • Audiophiles and music-lovers take note.


  • We always take claims of superior sound with a grain of salt, however, but test-driving the Turbo X proved it better, not worse, than our expectations.
  • The Turbo X is metal-clad and that probably helps the sound, not just the durability, over speakers with plastic housings.
  • The Turbo X’s clean design belies a host of extra features.
  • Start off those good times with a powerful, adaptive, good-looking and convenient speaker like the Turbo X, and let the music roll.


  • I was stunned with the outcome of the RIVA S and how well it performed during my time with it.
  • I loved the sound that it outputted and I can see myself ready for summer with this outside by the pool.
  • It’s loud and looks outstanding from a design aspect.
  • Priced at $249 it is labeled as a premium product, but I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.
  • Whether you’re indoors, out in the garage, or by the beach, this little speaker is well worth it.
  • Manufactured into a smaller form factor, but retaining its older brother’s speakers, the new RIVA S offers a new way to listen to your favorite tunes.
  • If I had a professional sound recording booth I would gladly record some music being played with the RIVA S, but anything below professional grade equipment wouldn’t do this unit justice.
  • You’ll have to take my word for it when I say I was not even mildly disappointed with the sound quality of this speaker. I even found this model to be better than the Turbo X.
  • Mids and high were excellent and I really enjoyed the vocals of each song with musical instruments sounding as if they were in the room with you. The speaker gets quiet in the lows, but they still sounded spot on to my ear.
  • With high quality bitrate music played locally on my PC and being streamed through Bluetooth to the speaker, closing my eyes and laying back, you almost feel as if you’re actually in the concert hall.