IG partners with Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. in Japan for handling all aspects of our logistics demands. This allows for specialized integration of information flows, material handling, inventory, transportation, warehousing, packaging and security.

IG official logistics Partner:

Company Highlights:

Founding Year:            1957
Headquarter:                 Minami-ku, Kyoto
Major Customers:          Amway, Amazon.co.jp, Softbank BB, Yamada Denki, Keyence, Sony Style

Services available to IG

・Next Day Arrival
・Logistics coverage
・Shipping & handling
・Quality control

Address of IG warehouse    

Sagawa Global Logistics, 
Minaro-SRC 4th Floor, Hongu-cho 2-35-1, Minato-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 455-0064, Japan

Key opportunity: Partnering with a reliable logistic partner means one less thing to worry about.