A New frontier in Marketing: Crowdfunding
The Powerful Machine for Generating Buzz

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people”

IG employs CrowdFund campaigning as a marketing tool to generate buzz for the product. Our CrowdFunding Model: the project initiator (the idea) + supporting team (IG) + crowdfunding platform Crowdfunding Marketing is considered to be our soft landing scheme for introducing new products to the Japanese Market. is utilizes local crowd funding platforms as a springboard to rrovide a potent boost for marketing

CrowdFunding by numbers.


IG employs the combination of contemporary marketing techniques with the proven hallmark of traditional media marketing

Traditional Media Marketing:

・Printed and Web media
・TV Media

Contemporary Media Marketing:

・Campaign writeup
・Social Network Marketing
・Press releases
・Traditional/ Printed media
・pre-campaign reach out

IG employs a holistic marketing strategy which consists of four major aspects: product, pricing, promotion

list of web apps and sns

Youtube celebrity endorsement

Two of the top Youtube celebrities in Japan has endorsed our brands and generated huge attention from the market. They have created videos for us in the past years, and help gave our message out in each generation of product launch.

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Key opportunity: Go with the company with who understand local market dynamics and has to ability to bring your message out to the market.